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Patient Resources

At ENT Family, we are committed to providing you with the best possible care. Discover a variety of downloadable materials designed to support your health journey. Whether you're looking for informative printables, essential forms, or our latest newsletters, we've got you covered.



Explore our collection of informative printables that cover a range of topics related to your health and well-being. Simply click on the links below to download and print these resources at your convenience.

Allergy Checklist

Travel-Safe Allergy Checklist

Traveling with allergies can be challenging, but with the right preparation, you can explore the world safely. Download our Travel-Safe Allergy Checklist to ensure a smooth journey tailored to your specific needs.

Our checklist is designed to help you prepare for your trip, whether you're heading out for a weekend getaway or an extended vacation. It covers essential aspects of travel planning, ensuring that you can navigate new environments with confidence.

Click here to download your Travel-Safe Allergy Checklist

Print mock up of ENT ENT Family's Travel Safe Allergy Checklist. Words "Download Now" included along with the website:
Food Allergy Cards

Travel-Safe Food Allergy Cards

When dining out, hand one of these Allergy Cards to a restaurant staff member to ensure a safe and enjoyable meal. These cards contain crucial information about your allergens, helping the staff provide you with a worry-free dining experience.

Why Use Food Allergy Cards?

  • Clarity

  • Safety

  • Peace of Mind

With allergy cards, effectively communicate your food allergies to restaurant staff, ensuring they grasp the severity and specifics of your dietary restrictions. The tangible and visual aspects of common allergens on our cards help reduce the risk of accidental exposure to allergens, knowing your dietary needs are acknowledged and catered to.

Secure safe dining during your travels by downloading our Food Allergy Cards in your preferred language below.

ENT Family - Food Allergy Cards.png


While we strive for accurate translation, variations may occur due to language nuances and regional dialects.

Manage your allergy symptoms

Discover how ENT Family's expertise and personalized care can not only alleviate your troubles but also help you feel your best again.

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