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What is chronic rhinitis?

Chronic rhinitis is persistent inflammation of the tissues lining the nose, resulting in symptoms
such as a constant runny nose and often post-nasal drip, congestion, coughing, nasal itching,
and sneezing. While symptoms may be related to allergies, symptoms from chronic rhinitis may
occur all year.
This challenging condition can negatively impact your life in countless ways. And trying to find
an effective treatment can be frustrating. Like many, you may manage your symptoms using
medications and sprays. Unfortunately, these treatments only provide temporary relief. It’s only
when the root cause of your rhinitis is addressed that you can expect to find real, lasting relief.

Common symptoms of chronic rhinitis include:

Normal vs Rhinitis.png
  • Persistently runny nose

  • Post-nasal drip

  • Nasal congestion

  • Itching and sneezing

RhinAer® Treatment

Lasting relief is possible.If any or all of the symptoms listed above sound familiar, you may be one of the millions of people living with chronic rhinitis. Until now, treatment often meant managing symptoms with medications and sprays. For many patients, these symptoms may be caused by abnormal signals in the nose. Now, your physician can offer you RhinAer to disrupt these signals and provide lasting relief. In a clinical study, patients treated with RhinAer experienced significant
relief from chronic rhinitis symptoms.1 Patients typically return to normal activity on the same day.*

Lasting Relief. Provides lasting relief of symptoms including runny nose, post-nasal drip, and
chronic cough.
Non-invasive solution. Minimal discomfort, no incisions, and can be performed in our office.
Live better. In a clinical study, patients reported significant improvements in their symptoms
and quality of life.

Breathe better. Live better.

 The VivAer treatment is clinically shown to provide high satisfaction and lasting relief. Patients
typically return to normal daily activity the same day.

  • 97% of patients experienced significant improvement in nasal breathing

  • 94% of patients improved their ability to get enough air through their nose during
    exercise or exertion

  • 89% of patients reported getting a better night’s sleep

RhinAer®: A Breakthrough Treatment for Patients with Chronic Rhinitis

RhinAer Stylus with Console.png

RhinAer is an innovative, new treatment that provides lasting relief from chronic rhinitis.
ENT Family now offers this convenient, effective, and non-invasive procedure and we’re excited about the numerous benefits it provides patients.

Most patients begin to see improvement between two and six weeks following treatment, with clinical results demonstrating meaningful, lasting benefits. On average, patients treated reported a 58% decrease in chronic rhinitis symptoms, including runny nose, congestion, itching and sneezing at one year post treatment.

NOSE Score

Get your NOSE score and learn if you may be a candidate for the VivAer treatment by answering the questionnaire below.

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